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Venice, high water in the run up to "Carnevale"

Flood for eight days in a row, and snow on Thursday. St. Mark’s Square is even being invaded by fish. But at the weekend, good weather is expected for its carnival

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VENICE. Venice is still struggling with high water in the opening week of festivities for “Carnevale” 2015. For eight days running, high tides have flooded squares, “campi” and alleys, putting a strain on tourists who have had to purchase boots, waterproof jackets and umbrellas.

Venice, high water in the run up to "carnevale"

On Friday 6 February, the tide reached a peak of 124 centimetres at 11am, a level considered very high. To get to St. Mark’s Square, visitors need to climb onto special walkways and the square has even been invaded by fish. On Thursday, high tides were accompanied by strong winds and snow. But at the weekend, good weather should return for the first important “Carnevale” celebrations.

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