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Google Street View, trekkers map Venice with a backpack

For the first time it’ll be possible to explore “calli” and “campi” with a simple click

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VENICE. Street View has also "landed" in Venice. Given the wonderful peculiarities of this lagoon city, "trekkers" will have to walk the "calli" (streets) and "campi" (squares) with a backpack. In fact, some of the local youth will be "let off" through Venice's historical city centre to carry out this activity as it has never been "mapped" before on Google Maps.

"Street View" allows you explore cities around the world through panoramic street-level imagery. With a click you'll be able to navigate virtually through Venice at 360-degrees. Invented by Larry Page and entrusted to a team of engineers in Mountain View, "Street View" was launched in 2007 but to date Venice has not been on the map!

The mapping activities being carried out at the moment are in collaboration with Venice's Municipality. "Trekkers", special backpacks for taking external photos connected to "tripods" and wide-angled lens' camera are what are being used for this activity. The photos will not be uploaded in real time, as they have to be elaborated in order to blur out faces, vehicle number plates and sensitive data.

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