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Venice is the first city to appear on the 2 euro coin

A tribute of the Italian Mint on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of St. Mark’s Basilica

VENICE. St. Mark’s Basilica is to feature on the new 2 euro coin: the Italian State Mint has decided to pay homage to Venice on the occasion of the 400th anniversary marking the completion of construction work on St. Mark’s Basilica in 1617.

The coin dedicated to Venice will be the first in the new 2017 collection. In the coming weeks, a million and a half of these coins will be in circulation. 

"We are proud to represent Italy in the world", tweeted the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro.

The coin was illustrated by the artist Luciana De Simoni: thus Venice will become the first city to be immortalized on 2 euro coins, which, up to now, have always depicted important Italian figures and events from Cavour to Boccaccio and the Winter Olympics in Turin.

The Italian Mint has also prepared a box set for collectors, which will be presented on 3 February at the World Money Fair in Berlin, regarded by coin collectors as a world-leading numismatic event.


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